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Tools For Co-Parenting During and After Divorce

Co-parenting during and after a divorce is a challenge for most families. The friction that caused the divorce in the first place may continue during the divorce process and long after the parties finalize their divorce. For the benefit of their children, parents must find ways to set aside their personal conflicts and learn to communicate well with each other. The America Academy of Pediatrics expresses it this way: “The most important predictor of a child's long-term adjustment to divorce is the way his parents adapt to their separation—specifically that the divorce ends the discord the child was experiencing.”


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Fight Fire With Fire: Five Tips For Dealing With Police Encounters

These days we can’t turn on the news for more than 5 minutes without hearing another story about a conflict between police and citizens.  Whether it’s Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, or your neighbor down the street, tensions between the general public and the people who protect and serve the communities we live in are about as high as they have ever been.  And while it’s true that illegal searches and confessions often times get thrown out in court – sometimes by the prosecutors themselves – that’s of little comfort to a person when a cop in full uniform is pressing you for information in a situation where emotions are running high even without their presence.


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